The links on this page have been disabled as Dr Hassell’s licence to practice medicine has been suspended by the CPSO.

Use this form to request a consultation with Dr Hassell paid by OHIP and which includes a request for a prescription.

If you have a medical emergency

call 911 or

go to your nearest emergency department.

 Pharmacies please fax prescription requests to:
+1 877 223-1052

It is not possible for Dr. Hassell to answer phone enquiries directly however the following contact form will allow you to request his help. If you are in Ontario and registered with Angels Heart Medical then Dr.Hassell will be able to bill OHIP for a phone consultation.

The registration at Angel’s Heart Medical is somewhat complex. If you prefer you may complete the secure information on the form below and this information can be used by Dr. Hassell for an OHIP submission.

Dr. Hassell will phone you with a “private number”.

If you prefer not to use OHIP or wish to consult with Dr. Hassell privately, please use this link.

Request Consultation with and Treatment from Dr. Hassell

CPSO restrictions.

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Please ensure that prior to speaking with Dr. Hassell, you have read the Conditions imposed on him by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.