Dr. Hassell’s New Clinical Situation

Dr. Hassell is preparing a new clinical setting but no longer works at York Medical. 

Dr. Hassell is working on another clinical setting and should be available soon for consultations especially with reference to damaged or modified immune functions using natural and nutritional/lifestyle approaches and is looking forward to being able to help again. 

Please check back with this website to keep abreast of these developments.


Meanwhile, the general purpose immune strengthening website: https://greaterimmunity.com

is available.

Please read the following notice which the College requires you to read before consulting with Dr. Hassell.

CPSO notice Nov 2021_20211126_105225


Dr Hassell no longer prescribes a number of medications. For example:

  • narcotics like codeine, Tylenol #3, Hycodan, Percocet, Fentanyl, Oxycontin
  • benzodiazepines like, Imovane, clonazepam, Ativan
  • stimulants like, Ritalin etc.

I very much appreciate if you could please not use perfumes or strongly scented body washes.